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Costs & FAQs

This page is dedicated to help anybody considering starting to flyfish.

If, after reading this page, you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.
We will be delighted to clarify anything relating to our services or just fly fishing as a whole. 

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Q.   How do I get started?

A.   We can teach you to cast in one lesson, nearly all beginners will cast reasonably competently at the end of the 90 minute session!
This is achieved by one to one tuition where the learner has the attention of the instructor for the whole period.
We do not run courses where large groups of novices get only sporadic help!

Q.    How much does it cost?

A.    A Casting lesson of 90 mins. costs £45  (but can be shared with a friend for only £60.)
Follow on lessons are just £35/hr. (£50 shared)   If you already fish and want a tune-up, the cost is just £35/hr.  (£50 shared)

Q.    Where would a lesson be done?

A.    Many fisheries allow us to use their waters, we will arrange for somewhere near you, it can even be done at a local park.

Q.    How much the equipment cost?  It it very expensive?

A. ¬† ¬†No, you can pay as much as you like, but, a good beginner’s outfit can be bought for around only ¬£110 – that would include a rod ¬†and a reel complete with a fly-line. a fly-box & flies and a landing net

Q.    What other equipment will I need?

A. ¬† ¬† A ¬†good selection of flies, some leader material and a ‚Äėpriest‚Äô. We’ll go over all these items with you during the lesson, if you are unsure.

Q.     Will an expensive rod help me to cast better?

A.¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†As a novice, No! ¬†If you are a really competent caster it could help you,¬†but a good quality fly-line,¬†will¬†help!¬† It flows through the rings better and has little ‚Äėmemory‚Äô – ¬† it will remain supple, and not come off the reel like a stiff spring!

Q.     When I have learnt to cast, where can I go to fish, and what is the cost?

A.      We can advise you of  local waters.   Tackle Dealers have details in their shops.  The Enviroment Agency also publishes a list of fisheries. 

Q.     What would be a good age to start flyfishing?

A.¬†¬†¬† ¬†Many begin to learn from family while still young, but age 10-12 years ¬†is an excellent time to learn to cast properly, that said, it’s never ¬†too late to start – we’ve had customers as young as seven and as old as eighty!

Q.    Do I need a license?

A.    Everybody over 12 years is obliged to have one if fishing.
Look up Environment agency/rod licences online.

       (NB. If you are a coarse fisherman and have a license, this will cover you for trout fishing, in England & Wales.)