Surrey Fly Fishing

Professional Tuition for all levels of Ability

Casting Tuition

This is what we do most of, it is essential to be able to cast well to fly-fish.

Beginners & Novices

We teach the ‘Basic overhead Cast’ and the ‘Roll Cast’.  These two casts, with a few variations, will account for about 95 percent of the casting that you will ever use.
We teach ‘How and Why’ – so that you can return home and practise what you learned.
Many beginners are coarse-anglers, who are keen to try another facet of fishing, they usually learn very quickly

Those who already fish but need help

This level is aimed at  those who learned to cast a short while ago and those that are self-taught, to improve their techniques.
Those with basic casting skills will achieve better accuracy, distance and ‘presentation’ of the fly.
They can learn  the ‘Single & Double Haul’ – a way of giving the fly-line extra impetus, to get more distance.
We teach you to understand the ‘Mechanics’ of casting which helps you see how and why things go wrong, this will eliminate bad habits and allow you to cast more comfortably whilst using less energy!

Advanced Anglers

Experienced & Advanced Anglers can learn specialist casting techniques like the Snake Roll, Snap T,  Single and Double Spey Casting with either single or double -handed rods, some of these are used whilst Salmon fishing on some of the larger rivers like the Tay, the Spey and the Tweed..

Please note that we can give tuition to individuals,  or two or three together. If we teach larger groups, we will have more Instructors. Contact us for details.